What is a LIMS, and what it can do for you

Thursday, 11 June, 2020

LabVantage LIMS

What is a LIMS, and what it can do for you? Is your laboratory’s data management tool pack up to date? Why is it beneficial regularly to follow what new solutions are available?

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Do you ever feel that the information you need at work is scattered around and takes a long time to find and process? Is there a lot of tacit knowledge in your organization's processes that you would like to document and make visible, but you have not found the time or the right tools?

Are there repetitive manual routines and a gut feeling that the employees' time should rather be spent on something else? Is it difficult to perceive the amount of undone work and deadlines? Will the red thread of prioritization disappear?

Are you aiming for a paperless laboratory/office, but the good old paper is still alive and strong in everyday life? And for a reason, because practical enough replacement solutions have not been found? Does an outdated information management system make it difficult to work remotely?

If you answered YES at least one of these questions, this blog is worth reading.

What is a LIMS?

LIMS Laboratory Information Management System is a solution targeted for the common needs of data management of different types and sizes of laboratories, research organizations, manufacturing industry and biobanks. LIMS is a database program that can be used to manage samples as well as analysis results and all the background information relating to them. Numerous different types of registers can also be established in the LIMS program, such as customer register, product register, analysis register, equipment register and chemical register. LIMS is a comprehensive solution that enables centralized and traceable management of all work-related information.

The LIMS world uses what could be called a language of its own. For anyone exploring a new Laboratory Information Management System, this glossary of LIMS-related terms may be of assistance in your journey. Although, taking over this blog does not require the support of a glossary.

LabVantage LIMS

Typically, an organization ends up implementing a LIMS when facing a situation where data management in Excel or other office solutions simply is not enough anymore. The need to find relevant data, process the data and manage workload has grown so big that some kind of new tool is needed to maintain the work processes at high quality and traceable. And preferably, achieving a notable flow increasement at the same time. In addition, it is easier to keep and prioritize service promises made to external or internal customers with the help of software that enables the real-time work situation monitoring fast and in a visual manner.


Managing the ever-increasing amount of data, and especially its fragmentation to different locations is a typical problem in work where processes involve a variety of overlapping elements such as samples, analysis results, quality control results, notes, work instructions, attachments, images, reports, electronic services, customer orders with due dates, batches, chemicals, consumables, sample containers, inventory and shipment management, equipment, maintenance, calibrations, invoicing etc. – all with the most diverse documentation requirements.

In addition to consolidating an organization’s data repository into a logically organized entity, one of the core functions of LIMS is to act as the laboratory’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. LIMS application makes it possible to manage the entire work process lifecycle from sample logging to reporting and invoicing.

And the possibilities are not limited only to controlling work processes, LIMS solution can also be used, for example, to manage customer data and visualize Key Performance Indicators (KPI), to understand better the factors that affect the productivity of your business. Depending on the organization's operating methods and customer information management needs, effectively utilized LIMS solution makes it possible to cover many of the needs, for which a separate CRM/BI software is typically purchased.

LabVantage® LIMS – an information management system developed for the needs of knowledge and data-focused work of modern laboratories, biobanks and various types of research and control organizations

Today's state-of-the-art LIMS solution, LabVantage®, is an information management system that can be used to control both process and data, including data archiving. LabVantage® provides easy, fast, and secure access to laboratory’s centralized data warehouse through a visual and modern web interface, only with a standard web browser. LabVantage® – a LIMS solution containing the all the latest innovations enables paperless work and the collection of all work-related information in one place, where it can be easily and quickly found, whenever needed – regardless of time and place.

Laboratories are pioneers in the introduction of new technologies, constantly looking for new ways of doing things, with the support of rapidly evolving modern technology. Among other new ways of working, also remote work has begun to become a part of daily lives of laboratory professionals. In addition to sample processing, analysis and various types of measurements, laboratories have a lot of data-focused work, such as processing results, reporting, managing workload and delivery times, responding to customer contacts etc.

When there is a centralized data management software solution in use, all of this can be done efficiently and easily also outside the laboratory site. Even communication to the lab and other colleagues working remotely can be handled directly through LabVantage® LIMS software without sending messages through other software. This simplifies internal communication and can even calm down email traffic, leaving email primarily as a channel for external communication.

Effectively utilized LIMS is a comprehensive solution that supports the work of the laboratory in the daily repetitive routine tasks as well as in unexpected and changing situations. For new users, the quick-to-adopt, logical and easy-to-use LIMS streamlines and clarifies both operational and strategic work – bringing measurable cost savings over traditional practices.

LabVantage LIMS Tramline

Thanks to the visual clarity and intuitive user guiding layout of the user interface, LabVantage® is the most user-friendly solution in the LIMS market today. Web browser-based LabVantage® covers all the functionalities that enable the smooth running of everyday routine and the management of work in accordance with the quality and productivity goals of today's modern laboratory operations.

How fast can a LIMS be implemented?

We know that time is money for laboratories – especially in the implementation phase of a new information management system. With LabVantage®, implementation can be completed faster than traditional new software deployment projects. A fast and smooth transition into the new system and ways of working are assured by Software Point's well-established, successful proven operating models and the solid experience of our experts in goal-driven completion of LIMS projects. In addition, the implementation phase is accelerated by the benefit that LabVantage® includes many ready-to-use modular functionalities targeted for different types of laboratories. All these preconfigured, out-of-the-box features can easily be combined to implement a comprehensive solution that responds to all your process- and business-specific demands.

Would you like to see concrete examples of how your organization can benefit from the most modern and versatile LIMS solution on the market, and the accompanying process and data management tips with the ongoing support provided by our specialists?

If you answered this last question YES too, contact us – let's take the next step forward together!


LabVantage LIMS


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