Analytical testing services

Analytical testing service laboratories work in highly diverse environments and their informatics solution must be robust with flexibility to support varying processes, high quality and customer requirements. To maintain profitability, increase production throughput and stay ahead of your competition, choosing the right LIMS solution is extremely important.

Main benefits of our LIMS solutions  for Analytical testing service laboratories

Streamline laboratory workflow and optimize productivity

For each laboratory it is crucial that personnel and instruments are working with the right tasks at the right time. Our LIMS solutions offer a comprehensive set of tools for automation of routine manual tasks,  and optimization of work processes, allowing your laboratory to maximize productivity, with the resources you have. Our LIMS allows you to enforce SOPs, follow KPI’s and estimate workload.

Support compliance and quality

Analytical testing laboratories have to work in a very regulated environment. The right LIMS provides a wide variety of quality and safety enhancing features making it possible for you to offer laboratory services with the highest quality, following regulations and standards (e.g. ISO17025) and stay compliant.


Ensure flexibility

Due to fierce competition in the field of analytical testing laboratories, it is sometimes necessary to quickly adopt into changes in laboratory’s service offering, resulting in quick changes in LIMS. Our LIMS solutions are flexible, allowing your laboratory to adapt into changing business, reporting and invoicing needs.

Offer better service for your customers

In addition to quality and cost efficiency, speed and flexibility in delivering the results brings significant added value to your laboratory’s customers. We offer solutions, allowing you to directly but securily, allow web-based access for your laboratory’s customers to view and download their results and reports, and submit requests – giving you the competitive edge when offering laboratory services.

Improved reporting

With our LIMS solutions, you can significantly improve your laboratory’s reporting to your customers. With our LIMS solutions you can create reports with your chosen personalized layout and reporting language, and produce paper or electronic reports. It is also possible to interface directly with your customer’s system,  to directly transfer reports and obtain requests.

Interface with laboratory instruments and systems

With our LIMS solutions, you can streamline data transfer by integrating easily with laboratory instruments, ERP,  accounting and even CRM, so that your laboratory has always the necessary information at hand for better performance.

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LabVantage Enterprise is functionally rich, web-based and the most configurable standard LIMS solution.

To whom:

Laboratories of all sizes, from small to global multidisciplinary organizations, in all industries with any kind of laboratory informatics needs.


LabVantage Express is a pre-defined version of LabVantage Enterprise with implementation time in 30 days or less. 

To whom:

Small to medium size laboratories for manufacturing QC and analytical testing services.