Analytical testing services

LabVantage enables you to serve your clients better, to comply to quality requirements, and makes your lab more efficient. LabVantage comes ready with all the modern and rich LIMS functionalities you need to run your lab and stay ahead of your competition.

Main benefits of our LIMS solutions  for Analytical testing service laboratories

Streamline laboratory work processes and optimize productivity

For each laboratory it is crucial that personnel and instruments are working with the right tasks at the right time. LabVantage offers a comprehensive set of tools for automation of routine manual tasks, and optimization of work processes, allowing your laboratory to maximize productivity, with the resources you have. LabVantage allows you to enforce SOPs, use worksheets (LES) for test execution, follow KPI’s, estimate workload and allocate resources.

Support compliance and quality

Analytical testing laboratories work in a very regulated environment. LabVantage provides a wide variety of quality and safety enhancing features making it possible for you to offer laboratory services with the highest quality, following regulations and standards (e.g. ISO17025, GLP) and stay compliant.


Ensure flexibility

Due to competition in the field of analytical testing laboratories, it is sometimes necessary to quickly adopt into changes in laboratory’s service offering, resulting in quick changes in LIMS. LabVantage is flexible, allowing your laboratory to adapt into changing business, reporting and invoicing needs.

Offer better service for your clients

In addition to quality and cost efficiency, speed and flexibility in delivering the results brings significant added value to your laboratory’s clients. LabVantage enables also a secure online web portal access for your laboratory’s clients to view and download their results and reports and submit requests – giving you the competitive edge when offering laboratory services.

Improve reporting

With LabVantage, you can significantly improve your laboratory’s reporting to your clients. You can run reports on paper or electronic (e.g. pdf) formats with various personalized layouts and easily change reporting language by client. Reports can be emailed from LabVantage to all client contacts. It is also possible to interface directly with your client’s system, to directly transfer reports and obtain requests.

Interface with laboratory instruments and other systems

With our LIMS solutions, you can streamline data transfer by integrating easily with laboratory instruments, ERP, accounting and even CRM, so that your laboratory has always the necessary information at hand for better performance.

Enhance searching of data

LabVantage’s query tools provide real-time, easy access and visibility to all laboratory data. Ad-hoc Query Tool enables to construct and execute queries just by dragging and dropping. Google-type search engine to look for data across the system. Dashboards visualize your data and KPI’s. You have flexible searches for various purposes to satisfy your clients, managers and even auditors’ questions.

Access from any device and reduce IT maintenance costs

LabVantage provides users the ability to access laboratory information from any device (e.g. tablets) using a commercial web browser. LabVantage reduces significantly your IT maintenance costs as LabVantage is a pure HTML5 compliant browser-based system with a zero footprint at the user level and there are no client programs to install and maintain and no applets or plugins to be managed. LabVantage increases technical scalability by using standard Java EE application servers and modern databases.

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LabVantage Enterprise is the most modern, functionally rich and flexible standard LIMS in the market. LabVantage lets you manage the sample lifecycle, optimize laboratory execution, perform data retrieval, interface instruments and systems, and enable security and auditing. LabVantage can be used by laboratories of all sizes, from small to global multidisciplinary organizations and in all industries.


LabVantage Express is a pre-defined version of LabVantage  with predetermined standard working processes. LabVantage Express is ready-to-use, out-of-the box, guaranteeing fast implementation but enough flexibility to perfectly fit your laboratory processes. LabVantage Express is an ideal LIMS solution for smaller and medium sized analytical testing laboratories with high quality and accreditation requirements.