Labvantage Connect

Instrument and system integrations

Instead of manually entering laboratory results into LIMS, communication between laboratory instruments and LIMS can be configured, further minimizing manual work. LABVANTAGE Connect is a platform independent integration tool, that has already been successfully connected with over 500 different types of instruments, to for example to read results from a spectrophotometer.  LABVANTAGE Connect can be used also to communicate with robots, other systems and databases.

LABVANTAGE Connect supports over 500 instruments, with connections based on

  • Simple instruments producing one or more results for unidentified samples, e.g. balances and pH-meters.
  • Instruments with one-way communication producing data containing information on sample ID, test ID and results.
  • Instruments with two-way communication, worklist or query-mode
  • Complex and unique instruments can be added

LABVANTAGE Connect supports connections based on

  • File transfer
  • Serial port
  • TCP/IP (client and server) communication.
LABVANTAGE Connect can be installed to a separate server, on the same server as LIMS. It allows easy administration over the web, separate user control, and can be set-up to work transparently in the background, monitors LIMS in the background for data that should be sent to the instrument. In this case, when the results are received, they are posted to LIMS without any user intervention.

Our experienced LABVANTAGE Connect team has worked with connecting thousands of laboratory instruments. If you want to know more how to integrate Your laboratory's instruments, please contact us for further information.