Laboratory intelligence

All laboratories, serving external or internal customers, are striving to meet increasing demands to stay competitive while maintaining high quality. To make better decisions and improve processes, laboratory managers and executives need holistic information of their organization's operations. To serve this need, we offer Laboratory Intelligence - business and data analytics for QA/QC, analytical testing service and R&D organizations. With our Laboratory Intelligence solutions and services, LIMS data is used intelligently, enriched to support daily operations and statistical purposes and displayed with dynamic and visual end-user interfaces.


Get valuable information on your laboratory operations

To run laboratory operations efficiently, laboratory management should know how operational costs are divided and how the income is structured. With Laboratory Intelligence solutions, you can get valuable insight into the laboratory operation statistics and trends from any perspective. Turnaround times, bottlenecks and KPIs are dynamically calculated, and you can share your analytics with colleagues online, resulting in a more effective, more competitive laboratory.

Discover hidden information in data mass

Laboratory Intelligence helps to detect silent or hidden information or non-plausible results from vast amounts of research data, thus avoiding biases in information handling. Laboratory Intelligence offers a visual, interactive and associative way to handle and analyse masses of information.


When a new LIMS is taken into use, a need often emerges to create trends and statistics from the previously collected data that still remains in the old system. Or, sometimes data needs to be combined from multiple systems. Laboratory Intelligence provides solutions for utilizing scattered data in multiple system, whether old or new, so that data can be analyzed most efficiently.

Self-service data analytics

Data analytics and reporting has previously been very IT or developer driven. Ad-hoc data search, change of time scales, perspectives and granularities of the data should be on the fingertips of laboratory users. Laboratory Intelligence solutions are aimed for the end users, who benefit from the data most, removing the total reliance on ITpersonnel in data analytics.

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LIMSView is an add-on LabVantage module with advanced and dynamic data analytic capabilities. LIMSView provides user friendly tools for handling large and dispersed laboratory data. A LIMSView template with a set of ready-made data analytics functionalities enables quick and cost efficient implementation.

Advanced reporting and BI with BusinessObjects

BusinessObjects is used widely by LIMS users for building customized reports and visualizations. With BusinessObjects, we have created reporting data models and a set of standard reports for a quick launch of LIMS reporting.

BI Consulting

We have delivered Data analytics and BI solutions to wide variety of laboratories and know well that laboratory data forms a true asset to the company and owes to be readily and highly utilized. Our BI consulting helps you to specify your Data analytics requirements, key performance indicators and other relevant metrics, and to select the best fitting solution for you. Consolidating LIMS data with data from other operative systems, like finance or process control system, is an important aspect of our BI consulting, as it creates totally new information.

Our BI consulting services range from framework workshops to BI development.

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