LabVantage Biobanking is a complete, configurable, out-of-the box sample management and tracking system for biological specimens. Ideal for customers running biorepositories and collections. Supports all aspects of biorepository management including collection, processing, storage and dissemination. Can be configured before and after implementation by customers.



LabVantage Biobanking key capabilities

Rich functionality for biobank data management

LabVantage Biobanking includes full functionalities with excellent usability for storing and tracking all sample material, and supporting organization-wide inventory control, including detailed location and freezer management, request and shipment and management, study and donor information handling, aliquot/derivative and pooled sample tracking, and approval processes utilizing electronic signatures.

Integrating different data sources and instruments

With LabVantage Biobanking  solution’s  instrument interface LabVantage Connect, the solution can easily but securily be configured to communicate with instruments, like for example to read results from a spectrophotometer. Solution’s  integration interface can be used to communicate with robots, other systems and databases.


Ready-to-use but extendable to full scale LIMS

LabVantage Biobanking  is based on the versatile LabVantage platform, and although it is ready-to-use for standard biobanking, it can be extensively configured to even the most demanding data management needs. Full LIMS functionalities can easily be taken into use, to offer full laboratory informatics capabilities.

Easy querying and reporting tools

LabVantage Biobanking includes flexible and easy-you-use, drag-and-drop query tools and extensive reporting capabilities. Additionally, we provide solutions to securely publish selected information from your biobank e.g. studies and number of samples, as a "web-catalogue" on your webpage.

Fulfilling cutting-edge IT requirements

LabVantage Biobanking is web-based, purely thin-client solution and therefore fully supports usage with mobile devices, like tablets. With LabVantage Biobanking, you automatically stay on top of  latest advances in IT and IT security.


Full implementation and support services

Our implementation services, configuration training offering, and experience and competence in biobanking data management guarantee successful implementation and continuous support.

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Laboratory intellegence


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