Software Point is the leading Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) company in Northern Europe. We have delivered innovative LIMS and biobank solutions to more than 500 big and small laboratories, in public and private sectors, in virtually all industries including, for example, healthcare, pharmaceutical, biotech, energy, environmental, food, forest, packaging, steel and chemical. Our customers represent distinguished brands and trusted authorities who are known for their top-notch R&D, manufacturing, and analytical services. Software Point employs 100 dedicated experts with comprehensive IT and laboratory background, plus an excellent customer service attitude. We have five offices in the Nordic countries, and together with the LabVantage Group we provide global LIMS expertise.

We are the leading expert in Laboratory Informatics in Northern Europe. Our LIMS solutions, LabVantage Enterprise and LabVantage Express, fit the needs of QA/QC, analytical testing services and R&D laboratories in numerous fields and disciplines.


LabVantage Medical Suite is an enterprise wide Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) developed for healthcare laboratories. It integrates all medical laboratory disciplines under the same umbrella - Chemistry, Microbiology, Pathology and Blood Banking.

LabVantage Biobanking Solution is designed to address the unique challenges of specimen collection and banking in academic and bioscience research centers, medical institutions, pharmaceutical discovery and contract research organizations.


Eliminate unnecessary paper records with the LabVantage Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN). Capture, organize, manage and collaborate experiments  across your organization with ease.