LabVantage Enterprise is a laboratory information management system (LIMS) that takes you beyond the world of traditional LIMS by consolidating functionality found in multiple laboratory systems into one product platform. LabVantage Enterprise can be used by any industry and laboratory, and can easily adapt to evolving business requirements. LabVantage Enterprise is the most complete and versatile laboratory informatics platform.



Key capabilities of LabVantage Enterprise

Rich, easy-to-use standard functionality for daily laboratory data management

LABVANTAGE Enterprise includes extensive, end-to-end sample, request, batch management functionalities enhancing speed and quality in data entry, analysis, approvals, statistics, reporting and querying. By creating worklists, analyst and instrument assignments and monitoring tools, you can better plan and use your laboratory’s resources. Easy-to-use maintenance tools for maintaining test method, product, customer, project, and instrument information. LABVANTAGE Enterprise comes with integrated barcoding, eSignature functionality for approval process and includes a variety of ready-made statistics and quality enhancing feature, like QC cards.

Extended functionality for specific needs

LABVANTAGE Enterprise can be further extender to support specialty laboratory informatics needs by modules for Stability studies, handling CAPA process, and advanced storage and logistics functionality. LABVANTAGE’s reagents module suits perfectly for end-to-end tracking of usage of reagents in your laboratory.

Electronical forms, ELN, Scientific data, Workflows

Intuitive electronical forms and ELN functionalities can help further streamline your laboratory operations by making data entry process even more intuitive while allowing you to enforce SOPs and collect valuable scientific data. Guiding the user with graphical workflows step-by-step through the laboratory process eases working with samples and testing, and can be used to automate tasks. Using LABVANTAGE workflows users experience increased productivity while improving process compliance.


LABVANTAGE Pharma is a pre-validated version of LABVANTAGE Enterprise LIMS, ideal for quality labs in a regulated environment. LABVANTAGE Pharma provides everything a pharmaceutical laboratory needs to get up and running quickly with a fully operational and validated LIMS. Read more about LABVANTAGE PHARMA.

Advanced, flexible reporting and querying

LABVANTAGE comes with a flexible integrated reporting tool and additionally offers a number of integrated data-analysis and query tools that can be deployed and securely accessed as needed by the appropriate user. Ad-hoc query enables easy to use real-time “in-application” data mining.  Google-type of search finds easily information. Tools include also graphical presentation of results with data trending, and laboratory KPI ‘s and situation monitoring using dashboards. An add-on module ProcessViews is for delivering results quickly to production.

Advanced configuration tools

LABVANTAGE Enterprise includes advanced configuration tools to extend and adapt user interface, database, workflows, reporting, queries and automation rules without coding and keeping the system upgradable without losing customer specific configurations.

True web-based LIMS

LABVANTAGE is purely thin-client LIMS and provides a zero-installation, zero-footprint browser/server architecture. LabVantage LIMS can be used without any desktop installations and with any device, using Microsoft Internet Explorer, Apple Safari or Google Chrome browser. LABVANTAGE supports IBM WebSphere®, BEA WebLogic®, JBoss™ Application Server and Oracle® and Microsoft SQLServer® databases. Hosted cloud options available.

Global, multi-site, multi-language deployment possibilities

LABVANTAGE Enterprise supports multi-national, multi-site, multi-language, multi-functional installations. In very large deployments, LABVANTAGE’s scalable architecture enables organizations to enhance system performance and reliability through clustering and load balancing