QA/QC Laboratories

In quality control / quality assurance, it is important to be part of company’s overall quality chain, improve throughput, and resolve quality problems rapidly to maintain high productivity and stay at a competitive edge. At the same time, a QA/QC laboratory has to comply with industry regulations, setting additional requirement for the laboratory informatics solution.

Main benefits of our LIMS solutions for QA/QC laboratories

Maximize traceability

In successful QA/QC laboratory informatics the chain of information from raw materials to the finished product must be tracked. Our LIMS solutions include end-to-end sample and batch management with complete traceability (full audit trail) functionality, ensuring enhanced data visibility throughout the entire supply chain.

Automate routines

In the daily operation of a QA/QC laboratory, there are many routines from sample entry to result delivery that can be automized to increase productivity.  We can provide the best practices in industry in automate routines, strengthening your organization's competitiveness.

Achieve fast result delivery

QA/QC laboratories need to delivery results quickly. There results may be in the form of product or material certificates, results that need to be delivered into production and process control, real-time alarms,  or in the form of statistics and weekly/monthly reports. Our LIMS solutions offer a variety of solutions for delivering results quickly, so that the results generated in QA/QC benefit the organization the most.

Ensure operation 24/7 without interruptions

Production should not be interrupted. Therefore the information from the laboratory should always be accessible to production, therefore making it crucial that your choice of LIMS is reliable, and working without interruptions, just like production.

Achieve efficiency through integrations

QA/QC laboratories can achieve greater operational efficiencies through integration of laboratory systems and instrumentation with ERP, MES and other external systems. We’ve implemented hundreds of integrations, being able to offer you the best integration services tailored for your organization.

Efficient sample handling in continuous or batch production

Our LIMS solutions include many readymade templates for creating best processes for handling raw-material, in-process and  finished product  samples for continuous or batch production. Sample types and product information are always easy to update when changes in production are made.

Find out more about our offering


LabVantage Enterprise is functionally rich, web-based and the most configurable standard LIMS solution.

To whom:

Laboratories of all sizes, from small to global multidisciplinary organizations, in all industries with any kind of laboratory informatics needs.


LabVantage Express is a pre-defined version of LabVantage Enterprise with implementation time in 30 days or less. 

To whom:

Small to medium size laboratories for manufacturing QC and analytical testing services.