QA/QC Laboratories

LabVantage enables you to control quality with full traceability, deliver results and reduce turnaround time with automation. LabVantage comes ready with all the modern and rich LIMS functionalities you need to run your lab more efficiently.

Main benefits of LabVantage for QA/QC laboratories

Maximize traceability

In quality control laboratory the chain of information from raw materials to the finished product must be tracked. LabVantage includes end-to-end sample and batch management with complete traceability (full audit trail) functionality, ensuring enhanced data visibility throughout the entire supply chain.

Automate routines

In the daily operation of a quality control laboratory there are many routines from sample entry to result delivery that can be automated to increase productivity. LabVantage provides tools based on the best practices in industry to automate routines and schedule activities strengthening your organization’s competitiveness.

Achieve fast result delivery

Quality control laboratories need to deliver results quickly into production and process control with real-time alarms. In addition, product/material certificates and weekly/monthly statistics reports are needed. LabVantage offers a variety of solutions for delivering results quickly, so that the results generated in laboratory benefit the organization the most.

Ensure operation 24/7 without interruptions

Production should not be interrupted. Therefore, the information from the laboratory should always be accessible to production, therefore LabVantage must be reliable, and works without interruptions, just like production. LabVantage’s modern, scalable technical architecture using industry standards makes it a robust solution. LabVantage lets analysts do their jobs faster and makes it easier for IT to support the system.

Achieve efficiency through integrations

Quality control can achieve greater operational efficiencies through integration to instrumentation and with other company’s systems like ERP, MES and even external systems. LabVantage has inbuilt tools to support standardized integration methods (e.g. web services, REST). We’ve implemented hundreds of integrations and can offer you the best integration services tailored for your organization.

Efficient sample handling in continuous or batch production

LabVantage includes many readymade templates and master data for creating best processes for handling raw-material, in-process and finished product samples for continuous or batch production. Scheduling, sampling planning, skip-lot management, specifications and product information are always easy to update when changes in production are made.

Access from any device and reduce IT maintenance costs

LabVantage provides users the ability to access laboratory information from any device (e.g. tablets) using a commercial web browser. LabVantage reduces significantly your IT maintenance costs as LabVantage is a pure HTML5 compliant browser-based system with a zero footprint at the user level and there are no client programs to install and maintain and no applets or plugins to be managed. LabVantage increases technical scalability by using standard Java EE application servers and modern databases.

Enhance searching and trending of data

LabVantage comes with advanced search and trending capabilities providing real-time, easy access and visibility to all laboratory data. Ad-hoc Query Tool enables to construct and execute queries just by dragging and dropping. Google-type search engine to look for data across the system. Dashboards visualize your data and KPI’s.

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LabVantage Enterprise is the most modern, functionally rich and flexible standard LIMS in the market. LabVantage lets you manage the sample lifecycle, optimize laboratory execution, perform data retrieval, interface instruments and systems, and enable security and auditing. LabVantage can be used by laboratories of all sizes, from small to global multidisciplinary organizations and in all industries.


LabVantage Express is a pre-defined version of LabVantage  with predetermined standard working processes. LabVantage Express is ready-to-use, out-of-the box, guaranteeing fast implementation but enough flexibility to perfectly fit your laboratory processes. LabVantage Express is an ideal LIMS solution for smaller and medium sized analytical testing laboratories with high quality and accreditation requirements.


ProcessViews provides as a module an on-line, automatically updating, easy-to-use view of laboratory results and alarms from LabVantage to production and process control personnel. With ProcessViews, users can set up customized views to follow up needed analysis results as tables or trends based on product, production lines, sampling points etc. without accessing LIMS. These views can be then set-up to update information with defined frequency.