LIMSView- a dynamic and user-driven Data analytics tool

LIMSView is an add-on LabVantage module with advanced and dynamic data analytic capabilities. LIMSView provides user-friendly tools for handling large and dispersed laboratory data, including:

  • Visual indicators and statistics
  • Easy drilling into details
  • Dynamic navigation to any direction within the data
  • Quick changing of parameters and filters
  • Revealing and visualizing relations between data
  • Possibility to combine data from other sources

LIMSView template is a set of ready-made data analytics functionalities that enables quick and cost efficient implementation. The template is usable as is, after plugged-in to your environment. Furthermore, it can also be used as a starting application for a continuous enhancement, according to your own data analytics needs.

LIMSView brings out the value in your lab data

LIMSView takes the LIMS data from LabVantage and stores it into a separate data storage

  • Discover the possibility to transform data (calculate, aggregate) for extensive reporting and data analytics needs, without burdening the LIMS.
  • Get insight into your business from an overall perspective (from summaries to relevant details, using categorizations, comparisons, indicators, etc.)

LIMSView combines data from many systems:

  • Any supporting data, like from ERP, financial or process monitoring system.
  • Data from your legacy LIMS systems (e.g. to avoid data conversion), also from other vendors’ LIMS systems.

LIMSView is configurable:

  • The LIMSView template for LabVantage is an out-of-the-obx solution, but LIMSView is further configurable, even by the endusers.
  • To meet the wide variety of data analytics and reporting needs in your organization, you can create several LIMSView applications for different purposes.