The right LIMS for R&D laboratories

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

LabVantage enables you to innovate faster, collaborate, and remove silos of data to increase efficiency. LabVantage comes ready with all the modern R&D LIMS functionalities to you need to
run your lab more effectively and stay ahead of your competition.


Share knowledge but keep IP in the hands of your organization

Laboratory information and scientific results are valuable but sensitive data. However, often important results are archived in individual researchers’ project file folders. With LabVantage you can ensure that created data is shared with the right people, but your Intellectual Property (IP) stays safely in the hands of the organization, archived in a structured way enabling searching when needed for new research.

Manage projects, studies and experiments efficiently

LabVantage offers possibilities to save research information in a structured way, by organizing R&D data into projects, studies and experiments. This allows that the correct information, can later be quickly searched and found.

Utilize your resources to the fullest potential

Especially in R&D laboratories, the workload might be hard to predict and estimate. LabVantage has an extensive selection of tools for resource monitoring and work assignment, allowing your laboratory to maximize productivity and smooth daily operations, with the resources you have.

Submit requests simply

Researchers and other R&D laboratory end users need a simple solution to submit request to the laboratory. When using LabVantage includes an easyto-use request and sample submission method for this purpose, also allowing researchers to quickly transmit requests to the laboratory, follow up progress and take benefit of results.

Take full advantage of ELN

LabVantage Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN) is a LabVantage functionality. For R&D it accommodates for structured and unstructured data allowing flexible storing of any scientific data. You can work collaboratively in a team and share research information with LabVantage. All content is searchable, and you can publish notebooks with personalized layouts directly in PDF and Word formats.

Extract data quickly for further analysis

In R&D, much of the research is traditionally done outside of LIMS, using various statistical tools and other software. Therefore, extracting data from LIMS must be quick and easy. LabVantage can be directly integrated with various software packages, and data can be always quickly searched, and exported in various formats.

Access from any device and reduce IT maintenance costs

LabVantage provides users the ability to access laboratory information from any device (e.g. tablets) using a commercial web browser. LabVantage reduces significantly your IT maintenance costs as LabVantage is a pure HTML5 compliant browser-based system with a zero footprint at the user level and there are no client programs to install and maintain and no applets or plugins to be managed. LabVantage increases technical scalability by using standard Java EE application servers and modern databases. 

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