What is a LIMS, and what it can do for you

LabVantage LIMS

What is a LIMS, and what it can do for you? Is your laboratory’s data management tool pack up to date? Why is it beneficial regularly to follow what new solutions are available?

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Lab IoT: Putting The Internet of Things to Work in the Laboratory

What Can IoT Do in the Lab?

In the lab, IoT devices can provide instant or long-term analysis unlike anything we’ve ever experienced. It will likely transform how we conduct research, process development and manufacturing.

The data from IoT devices can notify you about events in real-time, as well as yield insights into what is occurring. Data notification can be continued over time in order to gather a wider range of analytics. The data can also be reused to solve problems beyond the original intent.

The right LIMS for Quality Control laboratories

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LabVantage enables you to control quality with full traceability, deliver results and reduce turnaround time with automation. LabVantage comes ready with all the modern and rich LIMS functionalities you need to run your lab more efficiently.

Toimivin LIMS Analyysipalvelulaboratorioille - LabVantage

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LabVantage LIMS ohjaa laboratorion palveluprosessia mahdollistamalla sujuvan asiakaspalvelun ja korkean laadun – tehokkuudesta tinkimättä. Saavuta kilpailuetua LabVantagen mukana tulevilla, käyttövalmiilla analytiikan ja näytteenoton palveluprosessia tukevilla toiminnoilla.

Right LIMS for analytical testing service laboratories

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LabVantage enables you to serve your clients better, to comply to quality requirements, and makes your lab more efficient. LabVantage comes ready with all the modern and rich LIMS functionalities you need to run your lab and stay ahead of your competition. 

Top 3 Reasons Companies Upgrade Their LIMS

Legacy Lab Informatics Management Systems
With each passing year, legacy systems create new – and unforeseen – challenges. Each one of these is a strong enough reason to force consideration of a new LIMS.

Challenges of a Legacy LIMS System

New with LabVantage 8.4: ASL – Plate to Tube Rack Transfers

“I’ll take ‘Something that has always been elusive in labs’ for 600, Alex.“

“What is ‘Comprehensive LIMS plate processing & transfer?’”

Congratulations – you won 600 points.

Wait – not so fast!

Labs have long sought a complete solution to capture the actual movement between plates and tube racks. In the average lab, the various stages of testing and processing require samples to be moved back and forth.

Work Assignment and Planning

At this year’s 2019 CTEC conference in Stockholm and Espoo, we unveiled the Work Assignment & Planning (WAP) module.

For labs, Workflow planning and resource allocation are decisive elements that feature prominently in budgeting, hiring, training, overtime apportionment and much more. In the relentless hunt to maximize efficiencies, effective work planning ranks high in importance among lab managers.

LabVantage developed WAP with that core principle in mind: make lab operations more efficient and more predictable.

LIMS Technical Infrastructure: Exploring LabVantage 8

Planning the Search for Bigfoot

Prediction: Your average Travel Agent will have difficulty planning your expedition in Oregon’s wilderness to search for Bigfoot. I don’t mean to denigrate the travel industry, but rather to illustrate the singularly odd challenges involved in planning such unique quest. Fortunately, the road to be traveled in the LIMS space isn’t nearly as difficult – but it does have its twists and turns.

How to Choose Your First LIMS










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