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Top 3 Reasons Companies Upgrade Their LIMS

Legacy Lab Informatics Management Systems
With each passing year, legacy systems create new – and unforeseen – challenges. Each one of these is a strong enough reason to force consideration of a new LIMS.

Challenges of a Legacy LIMS System

Work Assignment and Planning

At this year’s 2019 CTEC conference in Stockholm and Espoo, we unveiled the Work Assignment & Planning (WAP) module.

For labs, Workflow planning and resource allocation are decisive elements that feature prominently in budgeting, hiring, training, overtime apportionment and much more. In the relentless hunt to maximize efficiencies, effective work planning ranks high in importance among lab managers.

LabVantage developed WAP with that core principle in mind: make lab operations more efficient and more predictable.

How to Choose Your First LIMS


















Lantmännen Lantbruk has gone live with LabVantage LIMS

Lantmännen Lantbruk in Svalöv has gone live with LabVantage LIMS

Lantmännen Lantbruk Plant Breeding Laboratory has taken a new modern LIMS into production use.


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