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Planning the Search for Bigfoot

Prediction: Your average Travel Agent will have difficulty planning your expedition in Oregon’s wilderness to search for Bigfoot. I don’t mean to denigrate the travel industry, but rather to illustrate the singularly odd challenges involved in planning such unique quest. Fortunately, the road to be traveled in the LIMS space isn’t nearly as difficult – but it does have its twists and turns.

LabVantage blog - A Formula For Success For Product Development

Shhhh...we're sharing a Formula For Success For Product Development!

More user-friendly than ever before - LabVantage LIMS

LabVantage’s newest solution, LabVantage 8 is now launched! As the LabVantage Product Development set about redesigning LabVantage LIMS, they applied many user-centric design principles. They took a critical look at the existing functionality and stepped into the user’s shoes to see how to improve its usability. And after much hard work, we at LabVantage and Software Point are thrilled to introduce LabVantage 8, the most user friendly LIMS than ever before!

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