Software Point webinars 2020 – previous recordings available on request and more to come during the fall

During the past spring we broadcasted altogether 12 webinars in 4 different languages: Finnish, Swedish, Polish and English. Our spring webinars were mainly targeted to customers that already use LabVantage LIMS to highlight the possibilities to utilize their application in a more versatile way.  

The topics were around Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN), instrument calibration and maintenance management, special needs of reporting, corrective-preventive action management and leading with knowledge by using laboratory data as the basis of business decisions. See the full list of available webinar recordings/languages here: 

To offer interesting topics and virtual content throughout the year to everybody in Scandinavia and countries around the Baltic sea, our fall webinars will concentrate on the perspective that is focused on the needs of laboratories and research organizations that not yet use LabVantage. The fall webinars are available in many languages and offer a quick and easy to adopt overview on LabVantage Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS). The upcoming webinars offer an excellent info package on the most modern and user-friendly LIMS solution on the market. 

Do not hesitate to registrate to the webinar and get a free 30 minutes presentation of the possibilities of modern web-browser based LIMS system and see a live look and feel demo of LabVantage in action!  

These upcoming webinars are broadcasted in September-October 2020 and available in 4 languages with the following topic: 

In Finnish: Prosessit ja tieto haltuun - LabVantage LIMS laboratoriotyössä 22.9. klo 13 - 13.30 

In Swedish: LabVantage LIMS i laboratoriearbetet - ta kontroll över processerna och informationen 24/9 kl 10 - 10.30

In Swedish: Ta kontroll över hanteringen och informationen om era biobanksprover med LabVantage Biobankslösning 15/10 kl 10 - 10.30

In Polish: LabVantage LIMS w pracy laboratoryjnej (date to be announced) 

In English: LabVantage LIMS in laboratory work (date to be announced) 


To orientate to the upcoming webinar theme, we recommend to check out this recent blog post written by our laboratory information management specialist.