LABVANTAGE Microbiology

LabVantage Microbiology is a LIMS developed to meet the complex requirements of a modern microbiology laboratory

LabVantage Microbiology provides a user-friendly and flexible solution for complete workflow and data management of all fields of infection medicine. Microbiologists can quickly and easily: record observations, add tests as needed, create reports, validate and approve results.

In addition to comprehensive process management support, LabVantage Microbiology enables:

  • real-time quality assurance checks
  • infection control notifications
  • epidemiology reporting
  • definable expert rules and reflex tests and
  • automatic verification of microbiology test results.


Interfacing and automation

LabVantage Microbiology supports bi-directional interfacing, data between your analyzers and LabVantage Microbiology flows electronically, eliminating transcription errors and saving time. You can automate many work tasks like monitoring of blood cultures and running of pre-defined panels of antibiotics to determine the most effective treatment. LabVantage Microbiology automates the processing of specimens through all stages of laboratory operations, from order entry to final reporting, supporting paperless, efficient workflow, and delivery of accurate and timely results. LabVantage Microbiology helps to optimize all laboratory operations related to infectious deceases.