Thank you for attending the LabVantage Day 26th of October in Finland!

On 26th of October we arranged a customer meeting called #LabVantageDay at our Nordic headquarters in Espoo, Finland. The day's focus was the future of laboratory informatics and new features of the upcoming #LabVantage version 8.8. 

The CEOs Marjut Pokkinen and Mikael Hagstroem opened the event with keynote presentations which gave valuable insights on the status of laboratory informatics digitalization today and visions of laboratory of the future, #LotF. The next keynote was about strategic focus areas of LabVantage development and road map by Matt Grulke, VP R&D. 

Our Head of Technology Lari Tuononen presented the 8.8 version key features that meet the security requirements of modern web-based applications and respond to the new feature requests from our customers. Lari also gave insight into the ongoing LabVantage user interface development and ran a live demo on the new web portal, which offers a fresh and intuitive user experience to all external #LabVantage #LIMS users.

The topics started on a high level, and throughout the day, we progressed towards a more detailed end-user perspective by focusing on the new possibilities of #LabVantageLIMS version 8.8. The last hour on the main stage was led by our Solution Specialists Riitta Mäkelä and Santeri Salovaara, who gave a live demo of #ELN and #LES, plus a collection of valuable tips and tricks to make the daily life of our end users smoother. 

The day also contained a group session hosted by Lari TuononenKaija RantojaJuha Kuitunen and Arthur Aspelin, which enabled detailed info share and discussions between our #LabVantageExpress product users and specialists. The day ended with an interactive exhibition with more live demos, networking and discussions among our staff and customers. The event was hosted by our Account Manager Jyri-Pekka Multanen.

The joy of meeting in real life was visibly present throughout the day! Many of our customers met in the event for the first time the project team they have been working with so far only remotely!

We are thankful for the excellent #feedback we received from participants. It feels rewarding that we were able to create an event that met and exceeded the attendees' expectations. This feedback also encourages us to organize such customer events in the future.

There is a need, also in business life, to meet each other in person. For us, the proof of that is that all customer events we have organized this fall have broken records in the number of participants: more than 250 customers have attended in the period of September-October 2022 to a conference or a user meeting arranged by Software Point - LabVantage Nordics.

Photos by: Peter Streng