Polish company Alpinus Chemia chose LabVantage Laboratory Information Management Solution

Photo by Alpinus Chemistry

Alpinus Chemia signed a contract with the global IT company LabVantage in the field of implementing the LabVantage LIMS IT system in the company.

Alpinus Chemia Sp. z o. o. was founded in 2008 in the field of the chemical industry. The company has today two divisions. One is in technology, in which it manufactures biocidal products in medical and industrial chemistry. The other division conducts research by using distillation processes, supercritical extraction, synthesis, and rotational chromatography. Research is carried out to the highest standards of cleanliness, so that future products meet the quality standards of the pharmaceutical substance.

The system will improve the work of our three laboratories, production, research and mobile. It will enable strict control over processes in our facilities in accordance with GMP and FDA requirements. Together with LabVantage, we will test and implement the latest IT solutions, becoming the LabVantage demonstration centre of customers in Central and Eastern Europe. The system will significantly accelerate our international research projects, improve the operation of laboratories and contribute to improving the quality and safety of our research.

“We are looking forward to implementing the solution for Alpinus Chemia. LabVantage is a technically modern and versatile system. We believe that it supports the operations of Alpinus Chemia well in current and future needs, ”says Marjut Pokkinen, CEO of Software Point – LabVantage Nordics.

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Bartlomiej Skrzycki, Sales Director Poland, bartlomiej.skrzycki@softwarepoint.com

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