LabVantage LIMS and LabVantage 8.6 Express out now with enhanced features and Cyber Security updates!

We are proud to announce the new versions of LabVantage LIMS and LabVantage Express! The new versions of both products go under label 8.6 and are now available to our current and new customers. The new versions represent the goal of continuous improvement and taking cyber security as a focus area by spreading the cybersecurity best practices throughout the development process from design to project implementation. LabVantage continuously listens to customer feedback and introduces enhancements and new functionalities to help manage the laboratory work. Electronic Laboratory Notebook ELN, Laboratory Execution System LES and Scientific Data Management are just examples of new modules introduced in the latest versions!  

Read below a quick recap on the new features that became available with the two latest versions of LabVantage LIMS, LabVantage Biobanking and LabVantage Express.

To learn more about the newest features available in LabVantage or to make an upgrade plan, contact our Sales or your Software Point Service team.

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LabVantage 8.6 and Cybersecurity

With our newest release, LabVantage 8.6 takes a much more proactive approach to cybersecurity. While LabVantage LIMS has always been secure, system security takes on an even higher priority in our product and our company culture – making our platform an exceptionally breach-resistant addition to your technology stack.

LabVantage LIMS & Biobanking 8.6 & 8.5 Highlights

Hacks and breaches are headline news. LabVantage 8.6 takes this head on with:

  • The adoption of SonarQube to evaluate and scan source code for potential vulnerabilities
  • Expanded use of Atlassian’s Jira software to track code more closely and increase the visibility of potential security issues during development
  • Magic-byte detection – a list of file signatures and data that can identify or verify file contents to ensure malicious files cannot be uploaded and to review third-party libraries, guaranteeing legacy libraries and plug-ins were upgraded
  • A partnership with a third-party cybersecurity firm to regularly perform ongoing, objective penetration testing of the LabVantage platform
  • Monitoring of the OWASP Top 10, which tracks the top current critical risks to web-based applications like LabVantage LIMS
  • Training internal staff as Certified Ethical Hackers


Scientific Data Management System

  1. Immediately capture externally generated data, whether from complex instruments, real-time data sources or incoming emails and other file sources (e.g., local drives, file shares)
  2. Control and secure against data loss or modification
  3. Integrate your instruments with LIMS supported by LabVantage Connect
  4. Reduce bottlenecks by deploying distributed collectors
  5. Utilize robust storage options including a centralized LIMS controlled file system, database, or AWS Cloud storage
  6. Quickly link back to files and rapidly access and restore them for further use


Configuration Management and Transfer

  • Easily identify configuration changes by setting the scope of change, managing change requests through to approval, and through a dynamic and visualized change log with rollback capability
  • Simplify managing changes across teams and eliminate conflicting updates with check-out/ check-in and remote development capabilities
  • Move configuration changes between LIMS environments with a new, powerful and simplified export/import process


Other Enhancements

  • Customer-requested ELN features for power and ease of use
  • Improved attachment management
  • Security and vulnerability updates
  • Productivity improvements for biobanking
  • Customer specific invoicing flexibility added with discount categories
  • Enhancements to the Control Chart functionalities (SPC), e.g. introducing new pattern rule and statistical calculations


LabVantage Express 8.6 & 8.5 Highlights

LabVantage Express 8.6 is built on the newest LabVantage platform including all the cyber security enhancements mentioned above and:

  • Digital signing of Certificate of Analysis PDF documents, (optional add-on module)
  • Scientific Data Management System (optional add-on module)
  • Electronic Laboratory Notebook, ELN (optional add-on module)
  • New layout for Web Portal order forms and flexible possibilities for the laboratory to adjust what products and guiding information the external customer sees when filling in the order form.
  • Additional functionality to Web Portal – end user agreements, price estimates for orders in order forms.
  • New Dashboards for request and sample status overview, including e.g. sample turnaround time and number of received requests/samples

The next major version of LabVantage Express will be based on LabVantage 8.8 and the release schedule will be at the end of 2021.