100% Digital Pathology true at Region Skåne

News Release June 25, 2020

The IT solution LabVantage Medical Suite enables Digital Pathology at Region Skåne.

Region Skåne Laboratory Medicine uses LabVantage Medical Suite Laboratory Information Management System, delivered by Software Point. Region Skåne has four pathology laboratories; at Skåne University Hospital in Lund and Malmö, and in clinical laboratories in Helsingborg and Kristianstad hospitals. The digital pathology is in use for histology at all sites.

New version in June 2020

In June 2020, the LabVantage Medical Suite (LVMS) version 4.5.4 will be taken in production at Region Skåne. The new version includes extended bidirectional server communication with the imaging system and gives even better support to the pathologists in the daily routine work. Region Skåne has since November 2019 been fully digitalized in the histology working process. After scanning of the slide and verification of the image, the slide is not needed in the working process anymore.

Various integrations to data systems and instruments

Region Skåne´s implementation of LabVantage Medical Suite (LVMS) has various integrations to different data systems and laboratory instruments. Integrations enable them to communicate together and LVMS to compile information from several sources. The integration to the PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System) has been in use since spring 2019, and the positive effects are getting more evident each day. The histology slides, about 4000 per day, are scanned, and the digital images are viewed on a screen.

Advantages - diagnostic quality, efficient processes and improved ergonomics

The diagnostic quality is improved for complex cases by having the possibility to involve pathologist off-site; the requirement is that they have internet access. Also, the pathologists on-site experience significant benefits with the conference tool in LVMS, which also facilitates multidisciplinary medical rounds.

The pathologist can fast, and easy find the historical case in LVMS, thereby getting an efficient process for comparison with a new case.

With the digital pathology working method, the ergonomics for the pathologists get better as looking and navigating in a microscope could cause neck and wrist pain. Today everything can be viewed on screens, no need to shift focus between screen and microscope. The 3D mouse that is used to navigate in the image view resembles a gaming joystick.

“The digital pathology functionality in LVMS and the integration to the PACS will be extended with more features. It is positive for Software Point to have Region Skåne as a customer and partner. We have good cooperation and share the same goal; to be in the frontline of the digitalization.”, tells Kurt Erlandsson, Product Manager at Software Point.

About LabVantage Medical Suite

LabVantage Medical Suite is an all-in-one multidisciplinary laboratory system for both clinical chemistry, microbiology, pathology, blood, environmental medicine, and genetic laboratories. With LabVantage Medical Suite, the laboratory can streamline its entire laboratory operations, automate routine tasks and processes, and reduce errors and overall costs. This contributes to improvement in efficiency and quality of the laboratory work as well as to the safety and quality of patient care. 
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Kurt Erlandsson, Product Manager LabVantage Medical Suite, Software Point