Nordic LIMS Conference and User Meetings 2017

Wednesday, 22 March, 2017

Welcome to the Nordic LIMS Conference & User Meetings!

Do you wonder what Digitalization means for the laboratory world? Do you know how to benefit from it? We decided to find out and then share the information with you. You are warmly welcome to participate in our exciting two-day-event around the theme “Stories of Digitalization”.

What´s in the program?

  • You will learn how laboratories have digitalized their operations.
  • You get to hear engaging talks and case studies.
  • You will hear about visions and ideas on how to benefit from the change in the fast digitalizing world.
  • You will meet fellow laboratory managers, quality managers, IT managers and LIMS experts to share insights and experiences.
  • You will hear about the latest and future plans to develop our LIMS products in the product-specific User Meetings, which are held on the second day.
  • You will hear how lab informatics/LIMS serves digitalization.


Conference program, March 22, 2017,  09:30 - 17:00


Future of Laboratory Informatics - Marjut Pokkinen, Managing Director, Software Point 

Future analytical instruments - prediction and speculation - Marja-Liisa Riekkola, PhD, Professor of Analytical Chemistry, Department of Chemistry, University of Helsinki, Finland 

As always, it is easy to say something about future developments. However, unfortunately it is not easy to say will these developments/predictions come true. Although advances in technology have given us perhaps too great expectations, it is clear that analytical instruments are getting smaller and smaller, and we’ll have better and better ability to handle increasingly large amount of data in the future. In addition, truly portable, and finally personal analytical technology is, for sure, available some day. But we should keep in mind that instrumental developments will be always driven by the demands of end-users, and there will be continuing conflicts between pushing analytical techniques to their theoretical limits for maximum performance and getting commercial return on invested developments. 

Future that happened already! Keynote speech, Henkka Hyppönen 

While we are waiting for future to come, in many ways it happened already, we just might not be aware of it. But it is catching on us and it looks like its going to change how we work, live and do business. Companies and individuals can benefit enormously by catching up the technology implementation gap and innovate to fill the creativity gap. If you ask me, this is the ultimate time to be living. Possibilities are plenty, small companies and individuals can have a unproportional impact compared to their size and best practices will be rewritten. 


Case studies and examples on digitalization

We are very excited to offer you presentations on digitalization strategies and practical examples from various laboratories.The case studies will illustrate how laboratories have already improved and streamlined laboratory operations with digitalized solutions.
The list of presentations will be continuously updated - there is still more to come!


How to digitalize a brand new hospital - South-Eastern Norway Regional Health Authority (HSØ)

Heidi Kjøniksen

  • Centre of Laboratorymedicine
  • Head of Section


Holograms  - help in the laboratory process? - Biobank North & CGI Sverige

Working in an environment with extreme conditions creates great demands. Every day, we manually handle several hundred samples stored at minus 80 degrees Celsius. Up to now there has been no means to meet these conditions and provide support in our daily work. Together with CGI and HoloLens, we see several opportunities that can contribute to the efficiency and
management of these important research samples while the working environment for our employees greatly improves. But the question is: can holograms help us and are we ready for this type of technology?

Jenny Åkerblom

  • Department Head, Biobank North, Västerbotten County Council, Umeå, Sweden



Mobile Seed Control -  Finnish Food Safety Authority (EVIRA)

Sami Markkanen

  • Senior Office, Seed and Variety


Robot integration and other system interfaces  - Karolinska Institutet Biobank

Rafat Samara

  • Master Information engineering and management
  • IT solution architect and system developer


The transition to new LIMS - benefits gained of digital information management  - Swedish Customs Laboratory

Jenny Östlund

  • Specialist


Combining and using sample information with patient clinical data - Helsinki Biobank

Biobank director Kimmo Pitkänen from Helsinki Biobank will present an example how to benefit from organizations various data storages together with sample collections.

Samples in biobanks are always related to information about collection, collection conditions, sampling point/donor as well as clinical data and sample biological data.  Combined information makes samples valuable for research and any analysis. All information however may not be stored in one data storage. 

Kimmo Pitkänen

  • Biobank Director, Helsinki Biobank


Product-specific User Meetings, March 23, 2017, 08:30 - 16:00

On the second day, we will meet for product-specific user group sessions, which will cover, for example, the following topics:

  • Live product demonstrations
  • Information about upcoming product releases
  • Customer presentations
  • Group discussions
  • Presentations of current development projects

We offer parallel sessions for all our LIMS solutions. The program for each meeting will be updated on these pages:

Dinner Party, March 22, 2017 - 18:00 - 22:00

We want to celebrate with you the 25-year journey of Software Point! Let´s have fun together and party in the evening on March 22nd!
The location - the Round Hall at Kalastajatorppa Hotel - is known for excellent food and as a setting for epic parties.
Dresscode: Casual


Conference Fee

  Conference Fee
until January 31, 2017
Conference Fee 
after January 31, 2017
March 22, Conference ONLY 400 € 450 €
March 22 - 23, Conference and
User Meeting
700 € 800 €
March 23, User Meeting ONLY 400 € 450 €
March 22, Dinner Party 100 € 100 €


The fee includes conference attendance, refreshments and lunch.
The fee will be invoiced in advance and is refundable deducted by 50€ handling fee if cancelled latest 28th of February.
Group reduction for 3 and more participants from the same organization is 10%. The last day of registration is the 7th of March, 2017.


Venue and accommodation

The conference venue is the traditional seaside hotel, Kalastajatorppa Hilton in Helsinki. For delegates wishing to stay overnight, we have reserved allotment in the hotel. Click here to read more. 



The registration is open until 7th of March.If you want to benefit from the early-bird fee, please remember to register latest 31st of January.

Please follow the link below to the registration site:


Any questions, don´t hesitate to contact our Conference Office!