Enriching laboratory information - Laboratory Intelligence®

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

FROM LABORATORY INFORMATION MANAGEMENT TO WORK MANAGEMENT Part 3: Enriching laboratory information - Laboratory Intelligence®

In our previous posts (see Part 1 and Part 2) we’ve given examples on how laboratory information can be utilized to increase laboratory performance in daily routines, and how laboratory managers can quickly draw conclusions from laboratory’s operations using simple data visualizations. In addition to these, laboratory information can be further enriched and processed, so that laboratory information is taken into whole organization’s management level decision making.  

If your job is to do management level reporting to guide the future of your laboratory and the whole organization, would it be easier for you to do your work if:

  • You had a ready-made Business Intelligence (BI) – application integrated with your laboratory’s LIMS system and other organizations’ IT systems?
  • You could independently do data analytics, create graphic metrics, meters and tables instantly to get valuable information on your laboratory’s performance?
  • You could, with a simple click-of-a-button get a view on your laboratory’s current business, how operational costs are divided and how the income is structured and you could easily drill into detailed information?
  • You could easily create the summary reports You need?

Software Point’s Laboratory Intelligence® BI-solutions, like LIMSView, are Business Intelligence (BI) – applications for laboratory organizations. With our Laboratory Intelligence solutions and services, LIMS data is used intelligently and enriched, aiming for a more effective, more competitive laboratory.

Contact us and ask how your data could be analyzed and enriched to most benefit Your work!


Vesa Rauhala, Sales Manager