Fact based decision making for the Laboratory Manager

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

FROM LABORATORY INFORMATION MANAGEMENT TO WORK MANAGEMENT Part 2: Fact based decision making for the Laboratory Manager

In my previous blog post, I talked about the shift from pure management of laboratory data to effective utilization of data, enabling laboratory’s personnel to improve their own way of working. In addition to this, laboratory data can be further enriched so that finding the most important meaning in data is easier and quicker. This can be achieved by visualization of data, as human brains can better process information given in visual format.

Laboratory Manager, would it be easier for you draw conclusions from your laboratory’s operations if:

  • You could see current up-to-date status of samples and analyses as colorful graphics?
  • You could see chosen result trend graphics and X-and R cards of quality analyses with one click?
  • You could do queries to laboratory data using a graphical user interface and export the results to further processing?

LabVantage 7 enables this and a lot more! 

LabVantage 7 LIMS is available as Enterprise and Express editions. In our user meetings held earlier this year, we presented the new LabVantage Express, a pre-configured version of LabVantage 7 Enterprise – especially designed for the the needs of small to medium size laboratories for manufacturing QC and analytical testing services. 

Interested in hearing the latest on our LIMS solutions and how laboratory data can be utilized for better decision making with LabVantage 7’s new tools? Contact us!


Liisa Koivukoski, Sales manager


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