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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Ahma Environment now operates the most modern LIMS system in environmental laboratory analytics / Read the story in Finnish here

A recent press release from Ahma Environment (Ahma ympäristö Oy) from March 19th 2015 states:

 ”Thanks to our new facilities in Seinäjoki and our new, most modern LIMS system in our area of business, we can serve our customers in the South-Bothnia region in Finland even more effective than before.”

Merging three separate environmental laboratories into one operating entity, physically located in three different locations, is a challenging project both in terms of process unification and data management. This project was tackled by Lapin Vesitutkimus Oy in Rovaniemi Finland, Suomen Ympäristöpalvelu Oy in Oulu and Etelä-Pohjanmaan Vesitutkijat Oy in Ilmajoki, when the laboratories merged into Ahma Environment  (Ahma ympäristö Oy).  In their most recent expansion, Ahma Environment and Vapo Oy came into terms of conducting Vapo’s peat production areas’ water sampling and laboratory analyses, leading into moving the laboratory operations in Ilmajoki to Seinäjoki in March 2015.

Modern LIMS system grows with our business

When Ahma Environment was established, it had three separate laboratories focused in different sectors in environmental chemistry analytics. When thinking of the future, it was clear that the specific area of expertise of each laboratory was to be preserved, but the laboratory processes were to be harmonized and streamlined. The core requirement for these advancements was that the three different laboratories would take a new joint LIMS system into use. Software Point was selected as the partner to deliver the new LIMS, and the company’s then pilot phase LIMS product LabVantage Express, was selected as the product based on which the LIMS system would be implemented.

Three most important requirements for Ahma Environment ‘s new LIMS:

  • A joint and shared LIMS system for all laboratories, but established in a way that samples and requests can be registered  and assigned for a selected laboratory
  • Mobility.  LIMS should be usable both in the laboratory and in the field.
  • LIMS should easily be further extended when business grows. Selected LIMS had to offer additional functionality that can be taken into use later, and it must support business growth by offering visual reporting tools helping operational management of laboratories.

Now, Software Point and LabVantage Express are excited to be part of supporting Ahma Environment’s continued expansion in their field of expertise.

Read more about Ahma Environment on their website (Finnish):



Vesa Rauhala, Sales manager

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