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Blood Bank*

LabVantage Medical Suite enables the safe and effective management of blood samples. The solution features everything blood banks require to manage blood from donor to patient, including solid traceability of blood products at every step of the process.

The LIS manages the entire chain of blood management and ensures that the right blood products are delivered to the right patient reliably, securely, and in a timely manner.

In addition to managing blood transfusion and blood product manufacturing, order management, forecasting and planning, LabVantage Medical Suite provides advanced web tools for donor engagement and management.

*Does not have FDA 510(k) clearance for use in the US or regions that require it.

The Transfusion tramlines within LabVantage Medical Suite offers hospital blood management to ensure the right blood products are delivered to the right patient timely, reliably, and securely. The features cover logistics management of blood products at the hospital to ensure optimal usage.

Patient orders can be registered manually or electronically. Analysis management supports decision-making and guidance to select the right blood for the right patient, including matching of blood group, antibodies and test-result history validation and safety mechanisms for test-results input.

The system maintains full traceability of the blood product logistics, usage and performed transfusions to the patient. There are separate tram stops to support the usage at the wards. There is also functionality to handle time-critical emergency cases. The system supports integrations to blood analyzers and relevant system integrations to EMR, HIS, web portals or request form scanner software.

See how LabVantage Medical Suite can ensure safe, effective blood management and delivery, assist with planning, and engage donors.

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