LabVantage Medical Suite LIS

One LIS for All Laboratory Disciplines

LabVantage Medical Suite is a Laboratory Information System (LIS) that integrates all medical laboratory disciplines—from diagnostics to microbiology and pathology, blood bank and genetics/molecular to veterinary—in a single platform with a common architecture and user interface. This gives each discipline the workflows and tools needed, while enabling data-sharing and collaboration across the enterprise.

Modern LIS Technology

LabVantage Medical Suite leverages the most modern industry-standard architecture — ensuring easy deployment, lower IT maintenance costs and remote access for your users. With built-in, configurable workflows and powerful business intelligence tools, the LIS seamlessly addresses the specific needs of your lab. Ultimately, you gain efficiency and quality improvement in your lab work, and in safety and quality of patient care.

Why LabVantage Medical Suite?

  • Integrated - One solution for diagnostics, microbiology, pathology, blood bank, genetics/molecular, and veterinary
  • Innovative - Supported by a decade of continuous product development and innovation
  • Modern - Most modern LIS platform on the market
  • Proven - Proven in more than 50 hospital and healthcare settings
  • Scalable - Modular design scalable to any size operation
  • Efficient - Advanced workflow management capabilities for increased efficiency
  • Configurable - Configurable level of process automation
  • Secure - Safeguards and alerts to improve patient safety and reduce errors
  • Accurate - Accuracy and quality control monitoring


LabVantage Medical Suite for All Laboratory Disciplines

Clinical Chemistry -  LabVantage Medical Suite manages operations in all testing areas of clinical chemistry labs, where efficiency, testing accuracy and quality control are of utmost importance. It’s ideal for chemistry, hematology, coagulation, virology, urinalysis, and more. [Read more]

Pathology - LabVantage Medical Suite’s pathology module provides advanced workflow management capabilities for histology, cytology, autopsies and clinical genetics. [Read more]

Microbiology - LabVantage Medical Suite meets the complex requirements of a modern microbiology laboratory. It provides a user-friendly and flexible solution for complete workflow and data management of all fields of infection medicine. [Read more]

Blood Bank - LabVantage Medical Suite enables the safe and effective management of blood samples. The solution features everything blood banks require to manage blood from donor to patient, including solid traceability of blood products at every step of the process. [Read more]

Genetics - Designed for genetics and molecular laboratories, LabVantage Medical Suite delivers a streamlined workflow, including checkpoints and worklists, throughout the entire genomics laboratory process.[Read more]

Veterinary - Veterinary configurations within LabVantage Medical Suite provide veterinary labs with full support for digital pathology processes, flexible workflows, user- and role-specific worklists and patien/animal-centered views.


LabVantage Medical Suite Brochures

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LabVantage Medical Suite for Pathology

LabVantage Medical Suite Veterinary

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