LABVANTAGE Medical Suite

LabVantage Medical Suite is a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) specifically developed for healthcare laboratories. It integrates all medical laboratory disciplines under the same umbrella, but considers their distinct needs and workflows. With LabVantage Medical Suite, you can streamline the entire laboratory operations, automate routine tasks and processes, and reduce errors and overall costs. Ultimately this contributes to improvement in the efficiency and quality of the laboratory work and to safety and quality of patient care. LabVantage Medical Suite helps laboratories to perform at the highest levels. LabVantage Medical Suite has been delivered to over 20 hospital laboratories in Northern Europe.


Main benefits of our healthcare LIMS (LIS)

Enterprise wide

Chemistry, microbiology, pathology and blood banking - all in one. This integration lowers the implementation, running and administration costs and enhances information sharing and cross analytics between disciplines. Due to the modular design Medical Suite is scalable to any size of operation.

Quality of Care

Medical Suite controls the communication of all instruments and systems bringing intelligence to the workflow and to fully manage and supervise the entire Laboratory process. This helps to assure that quality results are delivered in a timely manner to support care decisions and positive patient outcomes.

Built-in workflows

With the built-in workflow rules engine, the Medical Suite can adapt to different variations of laboratory workflows and incorporate desired level of process automation. Medical Suite provides the flexibility needed to meet the unique demands in your laboratory.

Easy Deployment

Medical Suite is based on a modern, industry-standard architecture and has a true web-based user interface. Medical Suite is accessible to authorized users from anywhere through a standard web browser.

Patient and User Centric

Functionalities are organized in work-centric tram stops with user/role specific work lists and patient-centered views. Tram stops are grouped in a tram line that displays the actual workflow within the laboratory. This approach is insightful and provides quick access to all the LIMS functionality making it easy to use and learn.

Seamless Integration and Data Exchange

Medical Suite seamlessly integrates with any laboratory equipment, system or outside organization in a convenient and validated manner. Integrations are implemented on open standards and interfaces, through HL7 or XML, or any proprietary protocol. Software Point is capable of complete LIS-EMR integration and legacy data migration.

Safe Investment

Medical Suite is a configurable off-the-shelf product. Installations can be modified for specific needs and still be upgraded as new versions are released. We are committed to maintain the systems’ innovative edge with regular updates and ensure it continues to provide industry-leading functionality.


The solution facilitates compliance with auditing authorities, regulatory bodies and industry regulations. The comprehensive “end-to-end” audit trail functionality simplifies and enhances auditing and quality control. Medical Suite meets even the most rigorous traceability requirements and supports laboratory accreditation reporting to easily demonstrate quality.

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LabVantage Pathology is a complete, state of the art LIMS, specifically designed for pathology laboratories. It provides advanced workflow management capabilities to the specialties of: histology, cytology, autopsies and clinical genetics.

LABVANTAGE Blood Banking

LabVantage Blood Banking is a complete LIMS for effective and safe management of blood. The solution features everything needed to manage blood from vein-to-vein, from donor to transfusion, including solid traceability of blood products at every step of the process.

LABVANTAGE Clinical Chemistry

LabVantage Clinical Chemistry is a LIMS designed to manage operations in chemistry laboratories, where efficiency, testing accuracy and quality control has outmost importance.

LABVANTAGE Microbiology

LabVantage Microbiology is a LIMS developed to meet the complex requirements of a modern microbiology laboratory. It provides a user-friendly and flexible solution for complete workflow and data management of all fields of infection medicine.

Add-On solutions for healthcare

LabVantage Connect
Solution for instrument and system interfaces

Laboratory intellegence


Our professional services

We provide full implementation, support and training for all our customers. Our solution is supported by a team of dedicated experts that offer knowledge and insight to help you overcome challenges.

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