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Monday, February 22, 2016

LabVantage’s newest solution, LabVantage 8 is now launched! As the LabVantage Product Development set about redesigning LabVantage LIMS, they applied many user-centric design principles. They took a critical look at the existing functionality and stepped into the user’s shoes to see how to improve its usability. And after much hard work, we at LabVantage and Software Point are thrilled to introduce LabVantage 8, the most user friendly LIMS than ever before!

“Among the many advances in LabVantage 8, you will see a new user interface—developed with extensive customer input—that greatly enhances usability,” said Peter Bailey, Chief Executive Officer at LabVantage Solutions.

These are a small sample of the changes introduced in LabVantage 8

  1. It offers an improved user interface that simplifies the end user experience through a modern, easy to use interface.
  2. It includes several new enhancements designed to increase efficiency, including an improved design for viewing and managing critical data by making it quicker to access and intuitive to use.
  3. A new scheduler interface, which features a calendar view, schedule randomization and local time zone support.
  4. A new, end-to-end formulations solution that manages compound recipes.
  5. For the biobanking industry, LabVantage 8 incorporates a new accessioning feature that greatly simplifies and integrates sample allocation, as well as a consent management feature that enforces compliance in the subject’s sample usage for studies.

Are you interested in the improvements in LabVantage 8?

We are arranging Customer User Meetings in April in Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Finland - more information on this soon!

Contact us for more information!

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Kirsti Mäkiniemi, Marketing and Communications Manager

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