Helse Vest selected LabVantage Biobanking

Monday, December 14, 2015

Helse Vest - the Western Norway Regional Health Authority - has selected LabVantage as information management and tracking system for their biobanks. Helse Vest is one of the four healthcare regions in Norway and provides healthcare to almost 1.1 million people. All Helse Vest organizations Haukeland University Hospital, Stavanger University Hospital, Førde Hospital, Haugesund Hospital, and the universities in the region participate in the joint biobank implementation.

Clinical and medical research relies on research on human biological material stored in biobanks

The hospitals in Helse Vest generate more than 20% of all medical research conducted at hospitals in Norway. Use of human biological material and associated clinical information is important in the development of new therapeutic strategies.

Clinical and medical research relies on research on human biological material stored in biobanks. Often it is difficult to utilize the hospitals biobanks in a good way for research purposes. This can be very time consuming and sometimes impossible due to inadequate infrastructure.

Improved research and medical treatments

It is expected that LabVantage Biobank information management and tracking system will simplify the procedures for dealing with biobank samples at the various laboratories. The system will support storing and handling of biological material and information. This will increase the quality, safety and traceability of biological samples, which in turn will improve research and medical treatments.

"We are very pleased to be working together with Software Point and we selected their LabVantage biobanking solution because it is highly configurable and gives us an out-of-the box sample management and tracking system " tells Bernt Olav Økland, Adviser from Helse Vest.


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Anneli Friberg, Business Director