30th Anniversary

Friday, September 9, 2022

Time flies when you get to do significant work with the newest technologies, wonderful customers and dedicated colleagues. Software Point turned 30 years this February!

So far, we have celebrated the jubilee year in the winter by arranging a virtual party. Finally, at the end of August, when it was safe enough to meet in real life, we organised a summer party in Åland - Ahvenanmaa.

Our staff, #softwarepointers from all Nordic offices, travelled to Åland on ferries simultaneously from opposite directions. We met halfway in the beautiful Mariehamn city port and spent two relaxing days on the island together. Days full of fun moments and valuable hours of encounter among our Nordic staff, switching languages in discussions fluently between English, Swedish, Finnish, Danish and Norwegian.

But this is not all; there is so much still to come. More than anything, we want to share this anniversary year's joy with our customers. And this is precisely what is going to happen soon. Next week!

It's time for the #NordicCTEC2022, in Stockholm next week Tuesday-Wednesday, 13-14 September. In addition to this event being a #LIMS #LIS #Biobanking #ELN user meeting and a conference for sharing the newest #LabVantage product info, this is a celebration of our 30 years in Nordic Lab Informatics, together with our customers.

See you soon in Stockholm! Our team is ready and looking forward to offering you the best possible event experience!