LabVantage Pathology designed for pathology laboratories

LabVantage Pathology provides advanced workflow management capabilities to the specialties of:

  • Histology
  • Cytology
  • Autopsies
  • Clinical genetics

The solution incorporates advanced workflow management capabilities, embedded storage management and tissue bank functionality, consent management and versatile reporting tools with digital dictation and speech recognition adapted for Pathology.


Manage the entire process in your laboratory

LabVantage Pathology enables the supervision and management of the entire pathology laboratory process. All objects like blocks and slides are identified with a unique ID so that they can be read using a bar code reader at any step of the laboratory process to enable automatic tracking, routing and resulting of specimens. This facilitates workplace and phase specific work lists and effective progress of samples through the laboratory preventing errors in identification and location.


Digitize pathology processes

LabVantage Pathology fully supports the emerging field of Digital Pathology to further streamline workflows and totally digitize Pathology processes. When utilizing an integrated grossing/macro camera or slide scanner, images are automatically linked, in real time, to the respective case in LabVantage Pathology.  LabVantage Pathology seamlessly integrates with image processing and analysis software of your choice. We have experience integrating with market-leading digital pathology systems and when coupled with such a system, LabVantage Pathology becomes a unique digital pathology solution.